Made by Dyslexia
Is a global charity, led by successful dyslexics. Their purpose is to help the world to understand, value and support dyslexia.


I fully support and promote the worldwide organization Made by Dyslexia. I embrace their goal as my own: 1 in 5 children are Made By Dyslexia and have the skills needed for the jobs of the future (identified by the World Economic Forum), but 80% of dyslexics leave school unidentified. That’s why Made By Dyslexia and Microsoft have made it their mission to help every teacher to SPOT, SUPPORT & EMPOWER every learner with dyslexia.
Jayne Black
President of Creative Kids Rock

The Mission of Made by Dyslexia

Our mission is to train every teacher to spot, support and empower every dyslexic child.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer free, online, training. It includes easy to implement strategies used in the world’s leading dyslexic schools.

Take the free training:
Part 1 & Part 2

What is dyslexia?

Dyslexic minds see the world differently. They think creatively, laterally, often solving problems others can’t. They have the skills of the future. And they’ve transformed our past, inventing everything from the lightbulb to the iPhone.

But 80% are never spotted at school. So they never truly understand their full potential.

We can – and must – change this.

Connect the Spots

We’re galvanizing parents, teachers and educators to make change happen.


  • Join our campaign to ensure every teacher takes the training

  • Share the training with your school, friends or by taking part in the #DyslexiaChallenge and tagging 3 people on social media to take it, too.

  • Become a change-maker! Spread the word using the resources on our Connect the Spots page