CKR at Family Fall Festival

The power of creativity is so beautiful πŸ§‘πŸ’šπŸ’œ I spent my morning volunteering by holding my program Creative Kids Rock at the Family Fall fest at the Marc!πŸ’• #somuchfunπŸ’ž I had several conversations about dyslexia one in particular was shared about a boy who had dyslexia but his parents didn't know it. Everyone really pressured him to try harder which was extremely difficult for their child. He finally was diagnosed and received the remediation that he needed and she said it made a significant difference in his life! She said they felt terrible for being so hard on their child but they just didn't know! I told her that is why I was there and why my program Creative Kids Rock is so important to create awareness about dyslexia and to help these children and all children opportunities to be creative! Giving them something to be proud of! It can be a huge benefit in every area of their life and for many it's the first time that they create something and feel that amazing feeling! And I get the incredible Joy of watching that experience 😍

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