Speaking at Aldo Leopold School!


oday I had the incredible pleasure of returning to the 3/4th grade class Aldo Leopold Community School K-8 I had visited them as Mrs. Wisconsin and shared about dyslexia. Today I got to show them my new crownπŸ‘‘ and tell them that I won the National titleπŸ’—πŸ‘‘πŸ’— They were so excited!!!!!!πŸ’—β­πŸ’— We talked about my title and more about dyslexia and the work I doπŸ’— (pictured here with sweet Josie who proudly says she has dyslexia ⭐) They all had such great questions it was so wonderful! Thank you to Denise Lettman McFarlin their amazing teacher for inviting me back. Truly inspirational studentsπŸ’— #mrsuscontinental #beautifulminds #creativekidsrock Us ContinentalPageant

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