Reading my book Why Do I Learn Differently to 3rd Grade Class

Today I had the pleasure of reading my book πŸ“˜ "Why do I Learn Differently?" to the 3rd grade class at Aldo Leopold. My book is about my 2nd son Sam who also has dyslexia. Josie who is dyslexic πŸ’— helped to read the book and did a great job! So proud of her!! I talked with the class about ...what dyslexia isβ–ͺ️ β–ͺ️acceptance of others who learn differently πŸ”  β–ͺ️and how they even as kids can make a difference in their community with something they feel strongly aboutβ–ͺ️testifying in Madison β–ͺ️and about my titleπŸ‘‘ A very huge thank you to Denise Lettman McFarlin their teacher for inviting me to your class today A powerful day of sharing and learning for all of us! #beautifulminds #mrswisconsinuscontinental Creative Kids Rock #uscpageant

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