Connecting Familes Breakfast with Santa --- Creative Kids Rock Ornament making!

Today I received a wonderful thank you from the Connecting Families Breakfast with SantaπŸŽ… event. There were 825 families in attendance this year! I also saw all of the family's picturesπŸ“Έwith Santa they are adorable! Santa was truly magical✨ I don't think he ever left his seat. Thank you Gemma-the student support Services team at NWTC and everyone who work together to partner for this Creative Kids Rock was honored to be a part of it β™₯️and it was incredible working with all of you! Thank you for allowing us to share what Creative Kids rock does at the event and being so supportive!#mrswisconsinuscontinental #creativekidsrock #art #dyslexia#mrsonfireπŸ”₯

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