CKR Celebrate your Strengths!

A picture is worth a thousand words.....I am working on a project to give children with dyslexia a visual of all of their creative and artistic talents and gifts. I want to celebrate and encourage them which they desperately need. I am looking for parents of dyslexic children to send me pictures in the comments of this post of your child's "Happy Place" the place that is easy for them and they feel smart!!! From dancing to sports to earning awards to creating things! The entire collection will be put together so we can celebrate their strengths because --“Too often, children whose abilities lie in the visual, spatial and kinesthetic realms believe themselves to be less intelligent than their peers, especially in a school culture with so much standardized testing. The most important lifeline a child can have is the understanding that being artistic is a way of being smart! said very well by -Katrin Robertson We all need for these children to recognize how intelligent and talented they are! Something Creative Kids Rock is all about! #dyslexia #creativekidsrock #1in5

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