Creative Kids Rock meets with Congressman Michael Gallagher about helping children with dyslexia!

Today Madyson and I had a wonderful meeting with Congressman Michael Gallagher! We talked about the 1 in 5 children that have dsylexia and what more our state can be doing to make sure everyone knows what dsylexia is. Everything from sharing my story and my son's story of having dsylexia, Madyson sharing her story of being diagnosed at the age of 8 with dsylexia to creating greater awareness, early diagnosis, empowering dsylexic children to have everything they need to be successful in school and life. I shared about Decoding Dsylexia WI which I volunteer with and the work we are doing in our state. I was deeply impressed with Congressman Gallagher's concern for these children and his desire to help our program Creative Kids Rock reach more children. We will have more details about partnership ideas with his office soon! I am so thankful for his desire to help as our state it needs us all to make a difference!!! #saydsylexia #decoding dsylexia

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