CKR New Jersey Affiliate Chapter!

CKR is so excited to announce that our vision and goal to see a CKR Affiliate/Chapter in every state is starting to happen! Welcome to the Creative Kids Rock New Jersey Chapter! Melissa and her beautiful family we are thrilled to have you be a positive visual voice for children with dyslexia in your state!! Below is Melissa's very real and heartfelt story! Her heart is to make a difference and we could not be happier!! Please like her page and wish her well wishes with this new endeavor!! Melissa's story: Both of my children started out at Moorestown friends school when they were in preschool. When Dylan was in Second grade we realize he was struggling to keep up and they called him severely learning disabled. The title today is still frustrates and confuses me. I sent him to numerous tutors to no avail. Finally I found a wonderful woman who was a children's advocate who diagnosed him with dyslexia and brought to my attention that it's genetic. At first I said no that my husband and I are not dyslexic and the longer I researched what dyslexia is the more I realized I am without ever being diagnosed. With that came the sense of connection that I never had before with my son. I suddenly realize that traditional schooling asks dyslexics to memorize and work through learning in text which is exactly what we don't do well. I have written numerous books and have come to the conclusion that we are no longer trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and we are living our lives trying to understand what he has left to do and figuring out how someday it will turn into a career that pays the bills. Isn't that what everybody wants to do what they love and make money doing it? In school I am now expecting the teachers to spend less time focusing on the things that he can't do and now Force them to bring in technology that allows him to put his thoughts on paper also to be able to listen instead of Reading. If he was blind they wouldn't try to make him read and learn through that they would find accommodations for him to grow in his knowledge. He has a brilliant mind just like me and buy them focusing on what he can't do even in a way that is trying to be helpful it's distracting from his abilities. I went to school for electrical engineering and it was good at it because I "got it". Dyslexics can't memorize it's useless. I still can't remember names of people and streets I even put EIP instead of IEP. It is who we are and I'm no longer embarrassed and feel like I am being lazy because I can't control it.

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