Community Blanket Making Event

So thankful for all the girls that turned out today for a fun day for the Creative Kids Rock Blanket and Craft Making Event!!

Many of these young girls are a part of the Miss Royal Wish International mentoring program for the Bailey's Royal Wish, a Mentoring Program focused on kids helping kids. Creative Kids Rock is proud to support this organization.

They also had a wonderful time at the Waupun Christian Living Center visiting with the residents and donating the craft pumpkins they made. The residents were so excited to see them.

Great job: Maydson - Co-Founder of Creative Kids Rock, Miss Bailey's Royal Wish International and AUS Miss Wisconsin Teen

Rachel - Bailey's Royal Wish International - Jr Miss Brookfield and AUS Miss Illinois Tween

Maris - Bailey's Royal Wish International - Lil Miss Waupun and AUS Miss Wisconsin Jr Tween

Reagan - Bailey's Royal Wish International - Waupun Teen. The group was was cheering her on today as she was skating her heart out at a competition today, good luck.

Alaina - Young American Miss Junior International

And a special thank you to Lydia for coming to join the girls and her awesome smile. We were excited to have her today.

Also, thank you from the bottom of our heart to the wonderful moms who stepped in to host the event for us today.

What a great day we are just so thankful for everyone who made this event a success!! What a wonderful day for a group of girls to get together and do great things for the community.

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