CKR Winning Art Reception

This afternoon was the Creative Kids Rock Winning Art Reception! Madyson and I were so excited that there were 50 entries and they all were so creative!! Categories were K-2nd Grade with 1st-2nd & 3rd place winners and 3rd-5th Grade with 1st-2nd & 3rd place winners! We also had 3 special CKR Participation awards! Awesome prizes were given out to all the winners. Please check out all the art and the winning entries! Thank you to Kress Family Library for hosting and promoting our Art Contest. Thank you to all of the children that submitted art work you are all so amazing!! Next year we will be adding High School entries also!! Creative Kids Really do Rock! We believe that -- Every Child is an Artist --Pablo Picasso #art#dyslexia #creativekidsrock #artcontest #1in5 #saydyslexiaWaunell Trepanier-Friese

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