Creative Kids Rock Christmas Party at King's Veterans Home!

Today we had our Creative Kids Rock Christmas Party for the King's Veteran Home in Waupaca! The ladies loved getting their nails painted they wanted pink, red and sparkles on them!! Love it! The guys were loving playing cards and everyone loved the cookies that we brought them that all of the ladies made at the Miss Royality International Christmas party! We were thrilled to give each one a special tie blanket that our volunteers for Creative Kids Rock made which represented ...the different branches they served for our country. A huge thank you to the American Legion Auxiliary in Oconto for donating $300.00 to Creative Kids Rock to pay for Tie blankets that we are making and donating to King's Veterans Home!! What a beautiful time of getting to know these amazing women and men we learned so many things about each one. A true reminder that all of us need to love and honor those who have gone before us. We all walked away truly blessed and are already planning our next event there. A huge thank you to our amazing volunteers that with their whole hearts took their time to make this event a very special one. Thank you Kristine Long Snow, Alaina, Michele Bagin-Barnes, Tori and Hailey! ‪#‎veterans‬ ‪#‎volunteer‬ ‪#‎christmasgiving‬ Cheryl Smukowski

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