Kite Fest Fundraiser!

We had an amazing time at the Kite Fest yesterday. Creative Kids is so excited to work with Family & Childcare Resources of N.E.W at this fundraiser for them. Last year there were over 3000 people in attendance and I am sure this year they came close to that also! In just 3 1/2 hours we helped children to do watercolor painting and made over 150 paper airplane kites thanks to Madyson's and her mom, Waunell's airplane folding skills! I perfected putting the tails on the kites. The highlight of the day was when one little boy, after decorating his kite that he was so PROUD of, and I put on the tail -- jumped up and down and said WOW! WOW! Made my day! Thank you to Family & Childcare Resources of Northeastern Wisconsin for working with Creative Kids Rock to bring awareness to learning disabilities and our program! Thank you for work you do to help families and children every day!

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