Creative Kids Goes to Westwood School

Yesterday Madyson and I went to Westwood Elementary School to share our program "Creative Kids Rock" with the fourth grade class! I shared my story of what it was like to go through school with a learning disability called dyslexia that did not get diagnosed until I was an adult. Madyson shared her story of what she felt like to be diagnosed with dyslexia and how important it is to have support and the right kind of help to be successful in school. I helped the kids understand what it feels like to have dyslexia by writing the word (bubble) on the white board but I wrote it (buddel) Then I asked the class what the word was. No one in the class knew the answer accept the little girl who held her hand up proudly she said I know what it is and she was right! The coolest part was she told the class she has Dyslexia!! The way cool part she was not afraid to say it! That is why this program means so much to us! Helping children who do not have a learning disability to understand what one is - Breaking the myth that having a learning disability means a person is not smart - and helping children who have a learning disability stand up proud! We do an art project at each program because people with learning disabilities are highly creative and it helps create a feeling of success! The children broke in to groups and we were able to make 5 tie blankets that are being donated this week to the Project Linus in Sheybogen County which makes security blankets for children hospitalized with Cancer. Thank you to Mrs. Rysewyk's 4th grade class at Westwood School!

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