Virtual Art Classes

Encouraging Creativity is my joy and passion! Being dyslexic I truly can say creativity has helped me to be successful in my life in so many ways! Enjoy the following art projects I will be adding more all the time!

Creativity is Intelligence having fun! 

Puffy Art Painting

Items you will need:

1- Cup Flour

3 -tsp Baking Powder

1- tsp Salt

A few drops of food coloring - different colors

Enough water to make the consistency of pancake batter

Paper or Construction Paper


Q-Tip Painting


Items you will need:

-Stencil Paint OR Kids Paint

-Paper or canvas

-Q-Tips or Pencil with eraser


Thankful Journals

Part One

Part Two

Items you will need:

The following will depend on the age of the child:

Duct tape or masking tape Tacky Glue or Elmers glue or glue gun

-Card board (see video for ideas)

-Fabric (see video for ideas)-Buttons-sequins-jewels-old jewelry

-Ribbon or String or Yarn or Robe

-Pipe cleaners if you have them or bread ties

Cotton ball Easter Egg Painting

Items you will need:

-Cotton balls or pom poms

-Clothes pins or tape and popcicle  sticks or pencils or markers

-Stencil Paint or kiddo washable paint

-Paper plate or anything to put paint on

Paper white or any color


R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Art Classes for youth

Click on the Book Class Button Above to Book

Tissue Paper Peeps

Items you will need:

-Paper any color


-Glue or glue sticks

-Tissue paper any color

-Googly eyes if you have them

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