Virtual Art Classes

Encouraging Creativity is my joy and passion! Being dyslexic I truly can say creativity has helped me to be successful in my life in so many ways! Enjoy the following art projects I will be adding more all the time!

Creativity is Intelligence having fun! 

puffy paint.JPG

Puffy Art Painting

Items you will need:

1- Cup Flour

3 -tsp Baking Powder

1- tsp Salt

A few drops of food coloring - different colors

Enough water to make the consistency of pancake batter

Paper or Construction Paper



Q-Tip Painting


Items you will need:

-Stencil Paint OR Kids Paint

-Paper or canvas

-Q-Tips or Pencil with eraser



Thankful Journals

Part One

Part Two

Items you will need:

The following will depend on the age of the child:

Duct tape or masking tape Tacky Glue or Elmers glue or glue gun

-Card board (see video for ideas)

-Fabric (see video for ideas)-Buttons-sequins-jewels-old jewelry

-Ribbon or String or Yarn or Robe

-Pipe cleaners if you have them or bread ties


Cotton ball Easter Egg Painting

Items you will need:

-Cotton balls or pom poms

-Clothes pins or tape and popcicle  sticks or pencils or markers

-Stencil Paint or kiddo washable paint

-Paper plate or anything to put paint on

Paper white or any color



Tissue Paper Peeps

Items you will need:

-Paper any color


-Glue or glue sticks

-Tissue paper any color

-Googly eyes if you have them

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