Jayne Black - President

Jayne is an active volunteer for many charitable causes in her community. But her personal passion is to serve and fight for the 1 in 5 children affected by learning disabilities like dyslexia. Jayne is the President of Creative Kids rock and also serves on the board of The Art Garage as Vice President and Creative Committee Chairperson. https://theartgarage.org/

Jayne is also the Founder of Beautiful Minds:


and Co-Founder of The Mobile Artist Program in partnership with The Art Garage:



Jayne is also the Co-Host of her Podcast Dyslexia Jewels! Inspirational Journeys of children and adults with dyslexia.



Jayne graduated from the Women's Public Policy Network in Madison with a certificate of Public Policy. Jayne uses her voice to advocate for children with dyslexia and has testified at hearings and meets with Senators and Representatives advocating legislation for children with dyslexia in Wisconsin.

Jayne's diagnosis of dyslexia came about when her son Samuel was struggling in school starting in kindergarten and by 2nd grade Jayne was pushing for answers as she saw herself as a child in him.  Jayne's efforts led to her and her son's diagnosis of dyslexia! Jayne proudly accepts being dyslexic as  it allowed her to replace every misconception she had about herself and other peoples misconception of her as being stupid, lazy and not trying hard enough. That day she became an advocate for herself and as a mom. 

Seven years ago Creative Kids Rock started when Jayne was pageant coaching a little girl her name was Madyson Friese. Jayne noticed the signs of dyslexia in her and talking with her mom and listening to the struggles she had in school she encouraged her to pursue testing for dyslexia and that led to her diagnosis. 


 Jayne seeing Madyson was in need of building her self esteem as many children with this disability are said to Madyson "Lets do something positive for children with dyslexia!"  A desire to focus on the positive by two people and that is how Creative Kids Rock was born! Since that time Creative Kids Rock has created numerous partnerships to help bring their message to everyone! You can check out all the partnerships here: https://www.creativekidsrock.org/events-1 

 Jayne has orchestrated over 170 events where Creative Kids Rock has brought their program so that children with dyslexia can focus on their strengths and have an opportunity to shine!  Art is created - Creativity is soaring and awareness about dyslexia has definitely grown!  Jayne's most recent partnership is with the Howe Community Resource Center where she plans out and teaches free monthly art classes for families which has helped to bring creativity and art to so many families and children in Green Bay. Jayne wanted to make sure that the cost of art classes would never be a hindrance to anyone. 


She's a firm believer that if you want change don't wait for other to do it.....Be the change and lead the way for other's to join you!

Jayne is author of the book "Why Do I learn Differently?" which was a question her son had asked her after he was diagnosed. In trying to find a book to answer this question she realized the lack of support parents have in helping to empower their children to understand their disability. Her hope is that this book helps to fill that void. Jayne knows how frustrating it can be to work with the your child's school system to make sure your child gets the help they need and it is the reason she also taught her son to advocate for himself, something these children will have to do even when they go to college.








Madyson Friese

Madyson is your typical young girl with big dreams.  She loves knitting, volunteering at her local animal shelter, being a member of the Masters of Movement Company competition dance team and is very excited about starting band playing the saxophone.  She also plans to go to college and become a veterinarian.  She is a shy and fun loving child and is kind and caring towards others.  She is also a child that was diagnosed with dyslexia.


She struggled in school since pre-school, but her biggest challenges began at the end of second grade.  Madyson was diagnosed with dyslexia 2 years later.  Her mom will never forget the day that she had to share the news with her daughter.  Madyson’s response was a true testament of what she is made of.   “Thank goodness, I am sure glad that it is just dyslexia”.  Ever since then, Madyson has excepted and put into practice that she has to try harder or complete tasks in a different manner to be successful when required to do certain tasks.


Through mentoring with Jayne, Madyson is confident and proud of who she is.  She truly believes that with hard work and determination she can achieve anything.  She is not afraid to let everyone in on her secret, “I HAVE DYSLEXIA”.  She understands how a diagnosis like this can make you feel sad and embarrassed because she has had to navigate through all these emotions.  Her goal is to teach others with learning disabilities, “Do not be afraid, you will achieve great things with the talents you have been blessed with.  Stand up and be proud of who you are!!!”




Thank you so much for coming in today!  The students had a blast and really seemed to understand the struggles students with dyslexia face. 


Thanks again!  

Trisha Rysewyk

4th Grade Teacher

I had the opportunity to work with Creative Kids Rock (CKR) and their president, Jayne Black, this past May during Community Art Day, a family-friendly celebration of the visual arts, presented by The Trout Museum of Art/Fox Cities Building for the Arts and the Fox Cities Educators for the Arts.

Our organization is constantly looking for ways to be more inclusive to all members of our community, so we were thrilled when Jayne came to us about having Creative Kids Rock participate in the Community Art Day event.

I appreciate that Creative Kids Rock allows children of all ages to use their creative energy to engage with things like literature that may otherwise be difficult for them. The organization also provides awareness of dyslexia, but does not treat it like a handicap; rather, CKR celebrates the diverse array of avenues in which those with dyslexia can succeed in our world.

I look forward to the things CKR will do to continue to engage in and further the arts in our community.


Thank you,

Kathryn Pfeifer
Education and Events Coordinator
The Trout Museum of Art / Fox Cities Building for the Arts

Jayne Black, President of Creative Kids Rock, has done a great job promoting art and inclusiveness in our community. I am a librarian for the Brown County Library system and I have had the pleasure to work with Jayne through the Kids Rock Art Contest. Jayne approached the library to partner for this art contest and it has been a wonderful experience for our patrons. Kids Rock promotes an inclusive art contest that allows all children to participate and to explore the joy of art. It is so impressive that Jayne took the initiative to start the art contest and reach out to the library and local schools to participate. Her work through Kids Rock as allowed children to flourish and experience the joy of art.




Katie Guzek

Youth Services Librarian

Brown County Library




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