Welcome to Creative Kids Rock!

Celebrating the creative artistic strenghts of children with  dyslexia because Creative Kids Rock!


We are proud to be dyslexic!

1 in 5 children have dyslexia and we want them to see their dyslexia as a gift to share with the world just like we do!

That is why our Mission is to create awareness about dyslexia and the creative artistic strengths that children with dyslexia have.

We provide numerous opportunities for all children to do this through our free art events and volunteering!

Creativity is Intelligence having fun!

Love yourself, Know your 

special and Treasure you're own uniqueness! Because Creative Kids Rock! - Let's create a world where children with this disability will not have to hide anymore and where they will shine brightly and be know for their strengths!

Be proud of who you are and the gifts you have been blessed with. Be known for your unique strengths ready to apply them in whatever you encounter in life! In the words of Walt E. Disney who was a famous dyslexic "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them!"


Smiles, Hugs, Sparkles!



Jayne & Madyson


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Contact us at: Jayne.Black@Gmail.com

Many things a child with dyslexia need are free and you can help them! 

  • Discover their strengths

  • Be their advocate

  • Encourage them

  • Persevere

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Be a Cool Kid and ROCK your Dyslexia!

Creative Kids Rock has partnered with Learning Ally to raise funds for the Building Books For Student Success! To help please click the link below:

Building Books for Student Success!






If you would like to have Creative Kids Rock at your next event please contact me at: Jayne.Black@Gmail.Com 


Jayne Black-Chairperson active on the Community Education & Outreach Committee Decoding Dyslexia of WI-A grassroots national organization with the goal to Educate-Advocate & Legislate.
Creative Kids Rock has a special partnership with The American Legion who donates fleece to help in their largest community craft making effort for the "National Veterans Tie-Blanket Project" where they will make and donate a service themed tie blanket to any veteran or retired veteran if they request one!
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